Vrettos has made a successful career in Greece as a fashion and advertising photographer. Even when working under the specific demands of the market, he has been widely known, as preferring to maintain and reveal the distinct qualities of a person or an object, it’s aging or decay included. In his personal art work he explores all kinds of alternative beauty avoiding nostalgia or the lust for the grotesque common in similar photographic projects. For the ‘Public Baths’ folio, he repeatedly visited a special location of public outdoors baths situated in Southern Greece. Functioning inside a natural cave, frequented by elders and looking both like a Faustian fantasy (steam and darkness) and a Bartonesque playground (old people having a lot of fun while taking their health bath), ta Loutra (the Baths) of Kaiafa, became a natural artist’s studio for Vrettos. There he made one of his most surprising and fulfilling studies on light, figure and movement.

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