He is a photographer, born and based in Athens, Greece.
His most recent solo exhibitions include: Wo(rt)ship. Tassos Vrettos, Benaki Museum, Pireos street Annexe, Athens (2015) - Homo Ludens, public installation - City Link, Athens (2015); The Hole Argument, in collaboration with the Athens International Film Festival - Opening Nights, The Breeder gallery, Athens (2010); Athènes: Ville et Cinéma - Benaki Museum, Université Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris 3, Athens (2009); Iero Sfageio (Holy Slaughterhouse) - Central Meet Market, Athens (2009); UnFairyTales (in collaboration with choreographer Konstantinos Rigos) - Exclusive Fashion Week, Athens (2008); Backstage - Club Tessera, Athens (2007); Homo Ludens - Geni Tzami, Museum of Photography, Thessaloniki (2005).
In addition he has most recently participated in the following group exhibitions: Hell As Pavilion - Palais de Tokyo, Paris (2013); ΒΙΑ(?) - CAID, Athens (2013); The Magic Circle - Loraini Alimantiri Gazonrouge, Athens (2012); Ντέρτι Humanism* (Dirty Humanism) - Faggionato Fine Arts, London (2011); It’s Not About Sex - Greek Film Archive > Film Museum, Athens (2010); I Syghroni Elliniki Skini (Contemporary Greek Art Scene) - ArtAthina, Athens (2007); Photography and Fashion - Athens Concert Hall, Athens (2005- 2004); Transphotometafores - Museum of Photography, Thessaloniki, and then in several cities around Greece, France, Spain, Belgium (2001-2004); Free Transit(?) - Zappeion Exhibition Hall, Athens & European Summit, Chalkidiki (2003); Contemporary Greek Art - Christie’s, Athens (2003); Visions and Bonds, Prison Allegories in Modern Greek Art - Modern Greek Art Archives, Athens, Rodos, Thessaloniki, Cyprus (2002).
His photographic work has appeared in foreign periodicals such as Zoom (Italian & international editions), Creative Camera, Officiel, Jardin des Modes, Janus, etc., and a great number of Greek magazines. He has worked for music companies and advertising campaigns and collaborated with many dance companies. Photographic material resulting from his collaboration with set designer Dionysis Fotopoulos appeared in the art book Revelations (Adam Publications, 1989-1990). Other work of his is included in the art books: The Hole Argument (Saprofyta publications, Skantzocheros series, 2010); Athènes: Ville et Cinéma (Université Sorbonne Nouvelle - Paris 3, 2009); Mysteries and Miracles - Photography beyond representation (Museum of Photography of Thessaloniki, 2005); Photography and Fashion (Athens Concert Hall, 2005); The Νude in Greek Photography (Kochlias publications, 2004); Ellinomouseion (M. Stefanidis, Militos publications 2001); Thrace - Terra Incognita (Rodos Image publications, 1997); and Kati to Oraion (Anti publications, 1984).
Tassos Vrettos is the founder of Studio Vrettos: http://www.studiovrettos.gr