01 ANIMAN //

This is a joined project realised during 2005-2007 as a cooperation between photographer Tassos Vrettos and performer/choreographer Konstantinos Rigos. Animan explores the potential of the human body as a Topos materialising within other Topoi, animating them with the uncanny presence of Animan. Animan is obviously referencing the Bataillean notion of Acephale, attempting to construct a kind of photography which is neither a suspended animation, nor a state fixed in time and deprived of energy. Each image of this, gradually developed in time and space project, is like a cinematic instance, relaying a journey, an exploration of the inner shelf within its outer shell, in relation to architecture and beyond the confines of functionality. Animan has been presented as an artists’ book within the exhibition ‘I Syghroni Elliniki Skini’ - Art Athina 2007.

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