Tassos Vrettos’s exhibition “The Hole Argument” is part of the special focus of the Athens International Film Festival on the theme of the Hole; it is a journey of associations through the extended material of the subject. His multilayered photographic essay, “The Hole Argument”, is presented as a small, collective “exchange of arguments”.

This limited-edition publication complements the exhibition. It is the first issue of the “Hedgehog” series by the artist team Saprofyta. In this edition, as in the exhibition, Tassos and a group of friends and interlocutors (Nadia Argyropoulou, Marina Vranopoulou, Vasia Lyri, Malvina Panagiotidi, Yorgos Tzirtzilakis) attempt a series of “cross readings” of the asymmetrical, rich material referring to the notion of the Hole. He provides the team with photographs that function as pointers; the team responds with texts that assume the place of images. The intermittent dialogue develops by chance, while the path of the final narration turns sideways; it is not always easy to read and it tends to become imperfect.

Saprofyta edited this special edition, designed by Yannis Kouroudis and Yannis Kondylis/k2design. Kontorousis Brothers did the printing and bookbinding.

The “Hedgehog” series includes readings of small fragments. Like Friedrich Schlegel’s hedgehog, each is “entirely separated from the surrounding world and in itself complete” (Athenaeumsfragment, 206); or like E.Ch. Gonatas’s hedgehog, each attempts to fill the enormous empty flowerpot (Crypt).

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