Vrettos has been working for the past five years on the alternative face of the Greek nightlife. As Athens has changed to host the progressive and underground culture of the American and European hip metropolitan centers, the local alternative and the international, albeit borderline, entertainment, coexist. S&M parties with Balkan performers, Russian and American strippers, gay and lesbian shows, goth extravaganzas, they all lure the same audiences which peopled the Greek taverna and local clubs, while Greek tv trash shows offer the media spice to this new mix.

Vrettos very rarely photographs the events themselves. He is mostly interested in ‘meeting’ their protagonists backstage -within the dystopic environments looming behind the stage- while they are performing a different more private and revealing ritual, both, for his camera and for themselves.

A form of Backstage has been presented, as a one night slide projection and live dance and strip show event, in club Tessera in Athens (2007). Some of the Backstage project protagonists, alo performed during the live event .

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