In this project Vrettos is asking female models, who work in fashion or other commercial shootings in his studio, to participate in what he considers to be a collaborative, ongoing work of art.

They are asked to be photographed naked, in a very neutral classical frontal pose. He then, right away, prints the photographs on usual copier paper and hands them over to the models along with pencils, markers and other drawing material. He asks them to intervene on the photos in whatever way they like, to write (in their native language), draw, hide or reveal, accentuate or alter. It is always the same posture, same shooting angle, same print, same procedure. Vrettos’s decision to deny his artistic predominance and acquire the role of a photographer like the ones frequenting large fairs and events of mass public entertainment, clearly refers to the Duchampian act performed in L.H.O.O.Q. By transferring the creative responsibility, the ‘gaze’, to the models, he consciously inserts the element of chance in an otherwise mundane and repetitive act. The outcome is a reversed curriculum vitae of the girls and a counter voyeuristic game, both tender and dangerous. The series of works, an imaginative human scape with an intriguing geography of its own, keeps growing through the last 3 years as a weird archive of confessions.

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